“We All Have Souls of Different Ages”

“In therapy, we meet parts of us that are tender… and parts who don’t want to have tender parts.”  Our experiences shape the way we parent. From an interpersonal neurobiology and parts work perspective, we all have youngers parts.

To explain briefly, we all have memories, emotions, feelings and physical sensations associated with to earlier life stages. Sometimes, when an individual is triggered, they revert back to younger parts, which may present in various ways. Some examples are illustrated below.

Some people did not have have healthy attachments with their parents and may have possibly experienced emotional abuse or neglect. I often remind clients that we all still have an inner child that lives within us. I encourage clients to pay attention to how they speak to themselves, specifically, how they speak to and about their inner children.

A major part of Internal Family System’s Philosophy is that all parts are welcome. I encourage you to ask yourself how welcoming you are towards your inner parts. Are you holding space for them? Are you shutting them out and re-playing old wounds?

Connect with me for support in understanding or connecting with these parts through the use of counseling modalities including internal family systems, interpersonal neurobiology and collaborative therapy.