A therapist can sometimes serve the role of preparing a client for their next therapist or independent journey. Before I continue on, I want to clarify that there is significant value in long-term work with a therapist. I am in no way implying that therapy should be limited and short-term in every situation.
As I often mention, the bond between a therapist and a client is intimate and unlike any other. This can make termination hard for both clients and the therapist.
It is important for both clients and therapists to be mindful of the power differential that is inherent in therapeutic relationship.
Routinely having conversations where feedback is shared, options are explored and treatment plan is reviewed are crucial.
One should not ignore the power of a healthy termination, as this may be the only opportunity a client has had to have a healthy goodbye.
Here are some things clients (& therapists) can ask themselves to figure out if its time to consider connecting with a new therapist (or referring out/recommending a break)
    1. You often cancel or reschedule appointments.

    2. You feel like you’ve hit a wall in therapy and have discussed this with your therapist.

    3. Boundaries have been crossed.

    4. Unrepaired Ruptures.

    5. Interest in exploring other modalities or treatment approaches